Is there a way to create a new sharing reason via APEX? Or this is only possible via the Metadata api?

Sharing reasons documentation

And if not -- is it possible to specify the 'Reason' when creating a new manual share via an sObject__share insert?? Even if that rule doesn't explicitly exist in the org?


We have discovered that we can package sharing rules and successfully install into a Group Test Org without an issue, so it's possible we can package our sharing rule and not touch it unless sharing is available and turned on! We'll see.


Sharing Reason/RowCause can only be created from the UI or through Metadata API.

It's not really a picklist on the sObject__share record, it's more like an enumerated value(enum), so you can't plug in a new value on the fly. Here is a typical construction of a Share record (if the sObject is really called "sObject". Your object is probably called something more descriptive.).

sObject__Share sh = new sObject__Share(
    ParentId = [objectId],
    UserOrGroupId = [userId],
    AccessLevel = 'Edit',
    RowCause = Schema.sObject__Share.RowCause.Custom_Sharing_Reason__c);

If the enum value has not already been created, it can't be specified as the value for the field. However, you can create a Share record with RowCause = Schema.sObject__Share.RowCause.Manual or with no RowCause, which will just default to Manual.

  • Awesome, thanks @Jeremy! I think I can use this, but I can't package __share into managed packages (I think) due to them not being supported in GE & PE – jordan.baucke Aug 28 '12 at 20:02
  • It may be because the __share object only exists/is accessible if Organization-Wide Sharing for that object is not set to "Public". I haven't tried this, but perhaps you can have your code check to see if the __Share object exists before trying to use it. – Jeremy Nottingham Aug 28 '12 at 20:06
  • 1
    Yeah. I'm already dynamically checking for the existence of __share but I wanted to provide a recognizable reason WHY rather than just manual which you were right, it just defaults too. If they can only be created from the API I can't use my reason unless it is manually created by the admin or packaged )8 – jordan.baucke Aug 28 '12 at 20:09

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