Im trying to launch a flow from a button using javascript. In my code so far I have:


String base = URL.getSalesforceBaseUrl();

However when I click the button I get:

Unexpected identifier

instead of the URL. What is it I am missing?


You can't call Apex Code methods like that; you're in a JavaScript context. You'll probably want to start off with something like this:


var baseUrl = sforce.apex.execute('Utils','getSalesforceBaseUrl', {});

You'll need a corresponding class:

global class Utils {
    webservice static string getSalesforceBaseUrl() {
        return URL.getSalesforceBaseUrl();

You might also have different options available, depending on your exact context. This is only one possible option. For example, you could write a Visualforce page with a trivial controller:

<apex:page contentType="text/plain" controller="Utils" 
           showHeader="false" sidebar="false" applyHtmlTag="false"
           standardStylesheets="false" showChat="false">{!salesforceBaseUrl}</apex:page>

With the appropriate method in Utils:

    public string getSalesforceBaseUrl() {
        return URL.getSalesforceBaseUrl();
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