I am trying to get a report of X-without-Y type kind of report.

So I created a Formula field (Number,0) with value of '1' for every Object (Account, Contact, Oppty, etc )

enter image description here

I than created a Custom Report type

enter image description here

Created a report using the custom report type, and added a filter to display all Accounts where Contact is not equal to 1

enter image description here

ALAS: The report returns accounts that DO have records, even that these do NOT show on the report itself

  • In the following example: Company : no - has no shown contacts

enter image description here

  • when looking on the 'no' object - there is a contact

enter image description here

  • What an I missing?
  • This happens both with Account <> Contacts, Account <> Opportuinties

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You selected Accounts WITH or WITHOUT Contacts, therefore, the report is going to ignore your filter criteria and will pull records that "apparently" don't match. You can create this type of reports using cross filters

enter image description here

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