I am trying to add the formula in the workflow mentioned below:

AND( ISCHANGED (Account.Name),OR( ( Account.Type  =  'Client'))) 

But it shows this error:

The ISCHANGED function cannot reference the Account.Name field

Basically I trying to do here is when I change the Account Name field on Contact and Account Type field on account is "Client", the Contact Owner should get an email alert.

enter image description here

The account name is a lookup value here. Can you suggest me a correct formula?

  • Kunal: Why would you use ">" operater for a lookup field ?? And try just using "Account" not "Account.Name". Use "<>" operator – Sanjay Sep 29 '15 at 16:08
  • 2
    "Urgent!!!" is not community etiquette - please refrain from exhortations – cropredy Sep 29 '15 at 16:52

the reason this isn't working on a contact workflow is because the changed fields live on another object - the account.

the workaround would be to have a text field, that would be hidden, on the contact record for the account name that would be updated by workflow every time the record is edited. mark this field update to trigger other workflow rules. then you can create the workflow you're trying to make with the ISCHANGED() and PRIORVALUE() functions on a field on the contact record.

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