I am facing problem in rerendering the treepanel when I select value from selectlist.The jsonstring in the controller is right but it is not reflecting in jstree.

Below is the code. Please help on how to fix this.

 <apex:page controller="customcontroller" sidebar="false" id="page">

        <apex:includeScript value="{!$Resource.jquerymin}"/>
        <apex:stylesheet value="{!URLFOR($Resource.jstree, '/jstree/dist/themes/default/style.min.css')}"/>
        <script src="{!URLFOR($Resource.jstree, '/jstree/dist/jstree.min.js')}"></script>
        <apex:stylesheet value="{!$Resource.AlignmaxCommonCSS}"/>
        $( document ).ready(function() {
            function createTree(){
                var j$=jQuery.noConflict();

                        "core" : {
                        "check_callback" : true,
                        "themes" : { "stripes" : true },        
                        'data' : {!jsonString}


                alert('inside tree Json String'+JSON.stringify({!jsonString}));
        <apex:form id="form">
          <div class="box-main">

            <div class="box-content">
                <apex:actionStatus startText=" (Shant Baitho...!!!)" stopText="" id="processingStatus" />
                <apex:actionFunction name="TreeRefresh"   status="processingStatus" action="{!processTeam}"  rerender="treePanel" />
                <apex:selectList value="{!selectedTeam}" size="1" style="width:20%;" onchange="TreeRefresh();" >
                    <apex:selectOptions value="{!TeamList}"></apex:selectOptions>
                <div class="tree">
                    Tree Structure 
                    <apex:outputPanel id="treePanel">
                        <div id="jstree"> </div>  


Controller Code

public class Customcontroller{
    public String jsonString{get;set;}
    public String rootGeographyId {get; set;} 
    public static String selectedTeam{get;set;}
    public Customcontroller()
        rootGeographyId = [ Select Id From Territory__c where name= 'D' ].Id ;
        jsonString = GeographyUtilForAcco.getTreeJSON(rootGeographyId,selectedTeam);  
        system.debug('--JSON String in Alignmax Constructor---'+jsonString);  
    public List<SelectOption> getTeamList(){
        List<SelectOption> tList = new List<SelectOption>();
        tList.add(new SelectOption('Select Team','Select Team'));
        for(Team__c t : [Select Name from Team__c])
            tList.add(new SelectOption(t.Name,t.Name));
        return tList;
    public void processTeam()
        jsonString = GeographyUtilForAcco.getTreeJSON(rootGeographyId,selectedTeam);
        system.debug('--JSON String in Alignmax Controller---'+jsonString);  
  • It would help if you posted your relevant controller code, or at least processTeam()
    – Rob
    Sep 29 '15 at 8:14
  • 1
    Where is your reRender tag? Sep 29 '15 at 9:04
  • Added the controller and rerender tag
    – Arun SFDC
    Sep 29 '15 at 10:41

You're rerendering the panel but not updating the tree. Try adding createTree() as the oncomplete attribute of the actionFunction

<apex:actionFunction name="TreeRefresh" status="processingStatus" action="{!processTeam}" rerender="treePanel" oncomplete="createTree()" />

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