I have created a Batch class and write a logic into execute method. In this logic I queried a Object (DuplicateRecordItem) . It's giving an error on saving the batch class Error:(sObject type 'DuplicateRecordItem' is not supported). I can not understand why this showing. My logic is below Please Help!

global void execute(Database.BatchableContext BC, List<DuplicateRecordSet> scope) {

    //call MergeAccounts method.

public static void  MergeAccounts(List<DuplicateRecordSet> dupset){

    Map<Id, DuplicateRecordSet> mapDuplicateRecordSet =  new Map<Id,DuplicateRecordSet>();

    for(DuplicateRecordSet drs : dupset){
        mapDuplicateRecordSet.put(drs.Id, drs);

    Map<Id, Set<Id>> mapDuplicateRecordItem =  new Map<Id, Set<Id>>();

    //here throwing error 
    for(DuplicateRecordItem drI : [SELECT Id,RecordId, DuplicateRecordSetId FROM DuplicateRecordItem where DuplicateRecordSetId In : mapDuplicateRecordSet.keyset()]){

            mapDuplicateRecordItem.put(drI.DuplicateRecordSetId, new Set<Id>{drI.RecordId}); 

    for(DuplicateRecordSet dr : [SELECT Id FROM DuplicateRecordSet where Id IN : mapDuplicateRecordItem.keyset()]){

        Set<Id>  setaccId =  mapDuplicateRecordItem.get(dr.Id);

        list<id> lstAccId = new list<id>(); 

        for(Account acc : [SELECT Id, name,BillingCountry, BillingState FROM Account where ID In : setaccId And OwnerId ='00540000002lBne' Limit 1]){

                merge acc lstAccId;

Make sure that your class is saved at API version 32.0 or above, DuplicateRecordItem did not come in until version 32.0.

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