I added a javascript static resource to a folder called VisualForceElements like so:

enter image description here

Then within my opening <apex:page> I make the call to reference the resource like so:

<apex:includeScript value="{!$Resource.LookupJS}"/>

But unfortunately I keep getting this error:

Error: Static Resource named LookupJS does not exist. Check spelling

I tried also including the folder name like so:

<apex:includeScript value="{!$Resource.VisualForceElementsLookupJS}"/>

but that didn't work either. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Document is not the same thing as Static Resource.
    – Adrian Larson
    Sep 28, 2015 at 22:00
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    Sorry, that was my bad. Long day? Perhaps someone else new to SF will make the same stupid mistake. Sep 29, 2015 at 16:27

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You want to upload it as a Static Resource under Setup -> Develop -> Static Resources. You're inserting it as a Document object currently :)

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