I need to merge duplicate Account, for that I loop through DuplicateRecordItem and put DuplicateRecordSetId and Set into a map. Now I looped through duplicateRecordset and try to merge account but getting this error, (COMPILE ERROR: Invalid type for duplicate records).

Map<Id, Set<Id>> mapDuplicateRecordItem =  new Map<Id, Set<Id>>();

for(DuplicateRecordItem drI : [SELECT Id,RecordId, DuplicateRecordSetId FROM DuplicateRecordItem where DuplicateRecordSetId In : mapDuplicateRecordSet.keyset()]){

        mapDuplicateRecordItem.put(drI.DuplicateRecordSetId, new Set<Id>{drI.RecordId}); 

for(DuplicateRecordSet dr : [SELECT Id FROM DuplicateRecordSet where Id IN : mapDuplicateRecordItem.keyset()]){

    Set<Id>  setaccId =  mapDuplicateRecordItem.get(dr.Id);

    for(Account acc : [SELECT Id, name,BillingCountry, BillingState, ownerId FROM Account where ID In : setaccId]){ 

        Account accnt = new Account(ID = acc.id)
            merge acc setaccId; 

How to merge Account in this way ? or suggest any other idea Please.


You'll need to convert your Set<Id> to a List<Id>. You also need to make sure that the list contains no more than two duplicates at a time. See Merging Records for acceptable forms. Basically, you can provide an SObject, List<SObject>, Id, or List<Id> as the second parameter to merge.

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