This is a very weird situation as I have never seen such anomaly. I created three Decimal fields on an Object and the data in these fields are populated by a trigger. Everything is fine when I see these fields. However, the same fields display incorrect format when viewed using a different user. The Commas get replaced by a Dot and vice versa. Screenshot below:

When I (Admin) see the record, the field behaves properly.


When Viewed through other user - commas get replaced by dot and vice versa.

SAME FIELDS VIEWED AS A DIFFERENT USER. Commas get replaced by Dot and vice versa.

Please help.

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The user's "locale" is different. Many parts of the world use commas, periods, and spaces differently inside numbers, including: 10 000 000,00, 10.000.000,00, and, of course, 10,000,000.00. You can see the user's locale settings under "User Name" > My Settings > Personal > Advanced User Details. To view the United States version of numbers, set the Locale field to "English (United States)". See the Decimal mark entry on Wikipedia for other various examples you may run across, depending on locale.

  • That makes sense @sfdcfox. I will make the changes and see the output. Thanks a lot. Sep 26, 2015 at 15:22

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