I have a batch process that I've got scheduled to run after hour (want to increase it to every 15 minutes) and it is currently working 90% of the time just fine, but about once a week is does not get correctly rescheduled for an hour or even sometimes for a full day. There doesn't seem to be a pattern of when it happens and I haven't been able to replicate the issue when testing.

Here is the code:

global class OrderApprovalDeadlineScheduler implements Schedulable {

Boolean cacheLoaded = false;

private BusinessHours getDefaultBusinessHours() {
    BusinessHours bh = new BusinessHours();
    if(cacheLoaded) return bh;
    bh = [SELECT Id FROM BusinessHours WHERE IsDefault=true];
    cacheLoaded = true;
    return bh;

global static String scheduleIt() {
    datetime nextScheduleTime = system.now().addHours(1);
    string minute = string.valueOf(nextScheduleTime.minute());
    string second = string.valueOf(nextScheduleTime.second ());
    string hour = string.valueOf(nextScheduleTime.hour());
    string cronvalue = second + ' ' + minute + ' ' + hour + ' * * ? *';
    string jobName = 'Rescheduling Order Approval Reset Approval Deadline ' + nextScheduleTime.format('hh:mm');

    OrderApprovalDeadlineScheduler scheduler = new OrderApprovalDeadlineScheduler();
    return system.schedule(jobName, cronvalue, scheduler);

global void execute(SchedulableContext sc) {

    BusinessHours bh = getDefaultBusinessHours();
    Map<Id, Order_Approvals__c> recordsToUpdate = new Map<Id, Order_Approvals__c>();
    for(Order_Approvals__c oa : [select Approval_Deadline__c, Approval_Deadlines_Missed__c from Order_Approvals__c where Response__c = NULL]) {
        if(system.now() >= oa.Approval_Deadline__c) {   
            oa.Approval_Deadline__c = BusinessHours.add(bh.Id, oa.Approval_Deadline__c, 32400000);
            oa.Approval_Deadlines_Missed__c = oa.Approval_Deadlines_Missed__c + 1;
            recordsToUpdate.put(oa.Id, oa);
    if(!recordsToUpdate.isEmpty() && recordsToUpdate.size() > 0) {
        update recordsToUpdate.values();



Does anything in this code jump out that could be causing this issue to happen?


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  • Some debugging ideas (1) replace system.now() with a Util.getNow() method that returns system.now() unless static variable set by Util.setNow() is non null. This allows your testmethods to simulate various values of System.now() versus mocked Order_Approvals__c; (2) Introduce persistent Log__c records that you write on each schedule so you can trace what is happening after-the-fact – cropredy Sep 25 '15 at 17:56

I have encountered the same issue. What's happeining is the chronJob object is locked. I have not found a solution myself, but everytime it encounters the lock error, it automatically set it to run 24 hours later and retry...

Here's the error I see in my org:

First error: Job object is locked and currently processing.

You can view what's happening during each recent run of a job by going to Setup> Apex Jobs

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