Hello I am wondering what is the most up to date Study Materials for the latest version of the 401 Exam. i have been to all usual Sources like the trailhead or workbooks but i am curious if anyone knows anything that is extremely helpful and easy to understand. I have only been studying for about a month and half and don't have have much development or programming experience. I am looking to change my career.


Salesforce.com in no longer offering dev 401 certification from Sep 14. Instead of dev 401 you can go for a Salesforce Platform App Builder certification this is completely for a configuration role which involves no development. If you are interested in Developer certification and you have atleast 1-2 years of development experience on force.com platform you can give Salesforce Platform Developer I certification. This certification is on Apex, Visualforce and Lightning skills mostly.

App Builder Certification:


App Builder Study Guide:


Platform Developer Certifications:


Platform Developer study Guide:


Here are some sample questions for App Builder Exam:


What To and How to study for App Builder:

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Exam

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