I have two Salesforce orgs (Alpha & Beta).

Both of them are developer orgs and both of them exist in ap2.salesforce.com.

The scenario that I am trying to implement is as soon as expense is created in Alpha the same expense data will be created in Beta also.

There is a POST REST Class created in Beta which can accept Expense data and insert it in it's org.

global class ExpenseWS {
    global static void createExpense(String ExpenseName,String Type,Integer Amount) {    
        Expenses__c e = new Expenses__c();

        e.Expense_Name__c = ExpenseName;
        e.Type__c = Type;
        e.Amount__c = Amount;

        insert e;

Alpha calls Beta via Webservice callout (from trigger) as shown below.

trigger ExpenseIntegrate on Expense__c (after insert) {

I am not able to proceed further because I am not sure how to set the endpoint aka the URI of the REST class from Beta.

I thought I can set something like shown below but I am pretty sure that this is wrong as https://ap2.salesforce.com does not uniquely identify the second org (Beta)

enter image description here

Can someone tell me how to do this ?


You have to use OAuth to establish the connection first then only you can call the rest method from a different org. Please find this SFSE link for details. How can i integrate one SFDC org to another SFDC using Rest Api

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