I have to pass HTML input text value to apex controller. I am working, when checkbox is checked it value passes to the input text. Like, when a field of type checkbox 'Apple' is checked Apple pass to the html text field. This value(Apple) i need to pass in apex Controller. I can not use apex:inputtext, because i am not getting value in this. I have to use input type="text".Below is my code Please help!

 <script type="text/javascript">
function copyMe(checkbox) {
    //alert('####' +txt);
        var textVal = document.getElementById('txt').value;
        var newVal;
        if(textVal == ''){
            newVal = checkbox.value;
        } else {
            newVal = textVal + ', ' + checkbox.value;
        document.getElementById('txt').value = newVal;
<input type="checkbox" class="chb" value="Apple" onClick="copyMe(this);"/>Apple 
<input type="text" value="{!Description}" id="txt"/> 

You can take help of action function here. In the param pass this value as a parameter

<apex:outputLink value="javascript:if (window.confirm('Are you sure?')) DeleteQuoteLineItem('TEST VALUE');">

    <apex:actionFunction action="{!DeleteQuoteLineItem}" name="DeleteQuoteLineItem" reRender="content">
        <apex:param name="myParam" value=""/>


public void DeleteQuoteLineItem(){

    //either of the next 2 lines will work, 
    string passedParam1 = Apexpages.currentPage().getParameters().get('myParam');
    string passedParam2 = system.CurrentPageReference().getParameters().get('myParam');
    system.debug(passedParam2); // now use this as you want

There is a good blog about this where you can read it in detail.

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