I have a VF page to create the cases and to insert the attachments to case.On Changing the picklist values i have to rerender the entire page to enter new values. But I have a inputfile tag in the VF page which doesn't support rerender. How to resolve it?

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    Show some VF code please. Why do you need to rerender the entire page ? Try rerendering outputpanels with only the elements that need to be rerendered. – Samuel De Rycke Mar 6 '13 at 8:11

Rerendering is not supported when you have an apex:inputFile component. There's no workaround, as the platform simply will not allow it. The best you can do is to move the apex:inputFile into an apex:iframe which will leave the rest of the "page" alone.

BTW If you are looking to rerender the entire page, that sounds the same as a refresh.

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I have had some success with using multiple <apex:form> tags, one for the <apex:inputFile> and one for the other elements. I know the docs say it all gets resolved to one <apex:form> but it allowed me to rerender a page with a file input.

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You can also go for apex:actionRegion from here

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