Can an apex code perform an bulk update on a field-level security to visible

I have moved few objects and each objects has almost dozens of fields and its very time consuming to go on each field and click on Set Field-Level Security and check on Visible, I'm looking a way to achieve the same functionality by using Apex class. Is that possible?


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The other way I found seems much less clicks is by going to:

Manage Users ==> Profiles ==> {click on profile name} ==> Go To 
>> Custom Field-Level Security ==> {find your custom object and click on View }

When you click on View it will open a window in it you will find all your fields list, Click Edit to Visible.

This is much better then going through each individual field and click Set Field-Level Security etc... too many clicks in the approach I was doing but the above approach is better you have all the fields.

  • for those using hti sanswer , the path has changed slightly... manage users -> profiles -> <select whatever profile> -> object settings -> <select whatever object>
    – Jay Rizzi
    Apr 28, 2017 at 17:42

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