My flow runs on the Contact object. There is a screen for users to update to the Contact description. I want to combine the old description and the new one, but have a line break between them. Every method I've done so far will either not have a line break or will display the code on the record, ex.


Here is a way to create a line break in the Description field on your Contact record from your Flow:

  1. Create a text template with a text string, followed by Enter (to go to the next line), followed by the same text string. It will look something like this where I've used the "~" character, but you can use any character you want: Line Break Text Template

  2. Create a formula to combine the old and new descriptions with your text template as follows: {!OldDescrip} & SUBSTITUTE({!LineBreakTextTemplate}, "~", "") & {!NewDescrip}

  3. Use your formula to update the Description field on your Contact record.

'Hope this helps!

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