One of our potential prospect (high-end travel industry) is using sales cloud, targeting to use marketing cloud in upcoming future.

There are many personal data fields stored in their existing sales cloud, for example like travelling with body guard, golf and pets, etc.

The one major unknown to us is the amount of effort required for seamless integrating selective data between Sales and Marketing Cloud. Could you please advise on the scope on the service implementation? Thanks in advance.


My last role was working for a Travel Company and SFMC (Exact Target) was chosen and attempted to integrate with the existing Salesforce (Force.com) implementation.

At the time and to the best of my knowledge it still is the case getting assistance from SFMC was next to impossible. Integrating was so fiddly it largely wasn't done.

Others may have been successful at this but personally I wouldn't attempt it again for another year or more until the integration is much better.


Matthew Harris

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