What is the best way to get Opportunity Stage Change History using SOQL?

Basically, what I need is the same list as in Opportunity page in Salesforce, where list of stages and dates of modifications are listed.


You can use the OpportunityFieldHistory Object for this.

    List<OpportunityFieldHistory> history = [Select Id, CreatedById, CreatedDate,
 Field, NewValue, OldValue from OpportunityFieldHistory Where Field = 'StageName'];

You can use the OpportunityHistory object

SELECT StageName, Probability, Amount FROM OpportunityHistory where OpportunityId = {YourOppId}

if you are doing it in Apex, you can use relationship query like this

List<Opportunity> opps = [SELECT id,
        (SELECT StageName,Probability,Amount FROM OpportunityHistories) 
        FROM Opportunity];

List<OpportunityHistory> histories = opp.OpportunityHistories 

you can also use OpportunityFieldHistory which will give you the history of all the fields on the opportunity for which field tracking is enabled.


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