I'm trying to make a VF page to always show when a user logs in to a community.

I've seen this answer and followed it and it works good until a user logs in from the link that he/she copied earlier or somebody gave them.

So the normal flow is:

  1. The user logs in
  2. The user sees my VF page that is set as Active Site Home Page

And what happens when a user logs in from the link:

  1. The user copies/gets the link(for example https://mysupermegaawesomecommunity.cs18.force.com/test/00Q11000006ps2t)
  2. The user goes to this link
  3. The user logs in
  4. The user sees that record

What I want to achieve is that the step 4 is replaced by my Active Site Home Page

Is there a way to force to show that VF page no matter how a user logs in to a community?

P.S. I know that I can use the startURL parameter, but it would have to be present in every single page and the user should not be able to remove it from the link, so that's not really a solution


If you want to override the standard Salesforce behavior (= directing the user to the page he requested) you will have to go custom and create your own login page.

You will find more information on customizing login pages here: Customize Login, Logout, and Self-Registration Pages in Your Community

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