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Hi everyone. I have 5 objects (Account,B,C,D,E) and the lookup relationships are shown in the picture. I can create a summary report with objects (Accounts,B,C) with no problem as I can find the report type in Other Reports -> Account with B with C.

My problem is now I need the total of Amount field from Object C by using Object E (Name) as a means of grouping but I also need them to be grouped by Account(Name) at the same time. The final report wil be shown per Account and will contain the total Amount from Object C per grouping with Object E.

Ex. Sample Org (Account)

Object E --- Object C (sum of Amount)

Type 1 ------ $100

Type 2 ------ $200

Type 3 ------ $150

Is it possible to make such report? If so, can anyone please enlighten me? Thanks !

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If I understand your question correctly, you should be able to create a Custom Report Type that will make this possible, or create a number of formula fields on the C object that reference the parent objects.

With both Custom Report Types and formula fields, you can include fields from parent (and grand-parent) objects, and then you can use those fields as though they exist on the child object.

  • Thanks for the idea Nick. I tried making a custom report type but only allows up to four objects (mine has five) and the lookup flow must be one way ( mine has 2 lookup flows (Unit holdings to account, Unit holdings to E).
    – Micz Domz
    Sep 8, 2015 at 6:27
  • 3
    Depending on your requirements, you can just make it on the C object and include fields from the other 4 objects via the parent relationships.
    – Nick Cook
    Sep 8, 2015 at 6:49

To solve the problem I had, I did the following:

  1. I made 2 fields in Object C: 1 lookup to Object E, 1 text formula to get the Name of the lookup (I needed this for the grouping later in the reports)
  2. I made a trigger that auto-fills the lookup (made a step 1) every time I lookup object C with D.
  3. I created a summary report using 3 Objects (Account,B,C) and I grouped them by C (text formula I made) and Account.

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