I'm creating a bar chart using visualforce charting and I'd like to add the row values near the bars on chart. Currently it looks like this: enter image description here

And that's what I'd like to achieve: enter image description here

Is it even possible ? I've went through the whole charting section in VF developer's guide and couldn't find that option.

I have 2 values for xField in barSeries, so using chartLabel won't work.

<apex:barSeries title="TitleA,TitleB" stacked="false" orientation="horizontal" axis="left"
xField="Actual,Planned" yField="allocationName" colorSet="red,blue" highlight="false">

Thanks! Kamil


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You can achieve the desired result with the combination of apex:chartLabel and apex:barSeries like below.

<apex:barSeries title="Areas" orientation="vertical" axis="left" xField="name" yField="data1" tips="true">
    <apex:chartTips height="20" width="120"/>
    <apex:chartLabel field="data1" display="outside" orientation="horizontal"/>

The orientation attribute in apex:chartLabel determines the placement of the label within the bar chart.

Hope it helps.

  • Thanks for your suggestion, but it won't work in my case. Please take a look at edited question.
    – KamilK
    Sep 7, 2015 at 11:03

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