I don't whether this question should be posted here, because this is related to dev process not any issue with salesforce. My issue is: we 3 are working in a same org, i.e: 2 guys are working on a same VF page at a same time and i am working on apex code. other 2 may have same requirement to add some code to apex class also. As we know that this process will overwrite each other code. So we have created 3 clones of VF and apex class, then we work on it and after compare we update it. If I go with eclips to this may overwrite each other code. Is their any effective way to over come this issue. Please guide us to fix this issue. We cant assign a single whole work to a person because their is lot of work to do.

  • If this single page is complicated, you might well find that using a thin-controller approach improves the code and has the side effect of allowing the 3 people to work on separate files. Perhaps apex:components could achieve the same result for the page content. – Keith C Sep 4 '15 at 7:52

Not sure whether we are following the best approach or not. But as in a team of many developers working on the same package of code we are basically following this:

We used trialforce. Each developer has its own trialforce org and github branch. So basically each developer is working on an independent org and commit into an independent branch. We merge into a main branch and resolve conflicts there. For deployment, we are using Circle CI. But I am pretty sure a bunch of other deployment tools can do the same thing - Jenkins, Gearset, etc.

Hope this helps.

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