Is there a way to search articles from multiple article types and receive back custom fields for each article type with a single SOSL? Sample knowledge bases query the KnowledgeArticleVersion table. This just gives back the ID and URL to the article. I need the article "body" which is stored in the custom field.

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Are you looking for a particular keyword in your custom field ? In that case if you search for a keyword (e.g. : 'test') you could use something like :

    Article_Type1__kav(Id WHERE PublishStatus='Online' AND Language='en_US'),
    Article_Type2__kav(Id WHERE PublishStatus='Online' AND Language='en_US')

This search would include your custom fields as well.


Yes, you can select which fields to return, right after opening bracket in RETURNING.

FIND {MyProspect} RETURNING Contact(FirstName, LastName LIMIT 10), Account(Name, Industry)

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