I am trying to insert a partner community user in my test class. I have created a contact and associated it to the new user but I'm getting the error : "Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION, Invalid role assignment.: []"

        accList = new list<Account>{
            new Account(Name = 'CourtierPrincipal', Num_ro_ORIAS__c='12345', RecordTypeId = recordTypeMap.get(AP_Constants.rtAccCompte_Tiers_courtier))
        insert accList;

        contactList = new list<Contact>{
            new Contact(LastName = 'CourtierPrincipal', AccountId = accList[0].Id, RecordTypeId = recordTypeMap.get(AP_constants.rtConContact_Business_courtier))
        insert contactList;

        for(UserRole role:[select Id, DeveloperName from UserRole]){
             roleMap.put(role.DeveloperName, role.Id);

        courtierPrincipal = new User(
                                alias = 'testUsr2'
                                ,email='[email protected]'
                                ,profileid = profileMap.get('Principal')
                                ,username=getUserNamePrefix() + '[email protected]'
                                ,ContactId = contactList[0].Id
                                ,UserRoleId = roleMap.get('PartenaireResponsable')  
        insert courtierPrincipal;

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usually I use the following codes in apex test for portal user. Try to see if it is the same concept :

  Account portalAccount = new Account(name = 'portalAccount');//create a portal account first
  insert portalAccount;
  Contact portalContact = new contact(LastName = 'portalContact', AccountId = portalAccount.Id); //create a portal contact
  insert portalContact;
  User u1 = new User( email='[email protected]',
                profileid = portalProfileId, 
                UserName='[email protected]' + system.label.PortalEmailSuffix, 
                Alias = 'GDS',
                ContactId = portalContact.Id,
                PortalRole = 'Manager',
                FirstName = 'Genelia',
                LastName = 'Dsouza');

Then make sure the specified role is defined on the user running the test class

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    It works.!! thanks a lot.. the role of the user running the test was not specified. And the PortalRole on the community user must be specified instead of specifying the UserRoleId :)
    – Melisha
    Sep 2, 2015 at 12:47

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