I have two objects A(parent) and B(child) related by a lookup relationship. I need to update records in object A using data loader. There is an after update trigger on object A which updates some fields on related records of object B. On object B as well there is an after update trigger which updates a field on parent object A. How can i handle recursion.

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    Have you seen this post?
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    Sep 1 '15 at 13:03

You should be using a Static variable(preferably Boolean) in an Utility class to determine the state of the run of the trigger.

So add a check at the initial of the code to look for the Static variable to be true and execute the code in Object A trigger. Before updating Object B records make the Static variable false and do the update.

So when the Object B trigger updates Object A, the Object A trigger will check for Static variable and it will be false and skip the execution(updating Object B).

Please refer cookbook here.


Take a look here. It besically suggests to use static variable to determine if we have to execute the trigger or not.

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