Is there a function or method to give the last day of a month? For example if the date is 27 feb 2013, the last date should be 28 feb 2013 , it become 29 if its a leap year. if the date was 2 jan then it should return 31 Jan.

If there is no function then any ideas on how we can get this?


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Check out salesforce documentation on their Date class.

The method you are looking for is daysInMonth(...)

Integer numberOfDays = Date.daysInMonth(dateField.year(), dateField.month());
Date lastDayOfMonth = Date.newInstance(dateField.year(), dateField.month(), numberOfDays);

Keep in mind "dateField" above is a place holder for any Date variable or field you want to go off.


You can also use:


This will give you the last day of current month. What this basically does is it adds 1 month to current date and then use the toStartofMonth() to take you to the 1ST day of next month. Finally we are subtracting 1 day from the 1st day of next month which will give you the last day of current month.

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    I was initially concerned with how yourDate.addMonths(1) will handle 1/31, but it appears safe. It returns the exact date from the next month, and if next month is shorter, it returns the last day of next month. So, for 1/31, it will return 2/28 or 2/29.
    – geeljire
    Jun 21, 2014 at 14:11

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