Anyone that has successfully used SoapUI (free version) to make and debug SOAP requests to ExactTarget endpoints? I will gladly buy you lunch if you can show me how this is done.

If I understand the documentation, you need to authenticate first, to get a token, which you then use in the SOAP envelope in subsequent requests.

I cannot find the mechanism for obtaining that initial token, so I have yet to get SoapUI to do anything useful in helping to learn ET's SOAP API.

Is it possible? Do you need to buy the Pro version to get Oauth2?

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    Is OAuth a requirement? Because you don't technically need it to utilize SFMCs SOAP API. – Adam Spriggs Aug 28 '15 at 21:41
  • Okay - well, 95% of development is knowing the right question to ask. I've rephrased the question. – phpguru Aug 30 '15 at 1:14

It is possible to use SOAP UI to get an access token with the free version.

  1. In SOAP UI, select File > New REST Project
  2. When prompted for path, enter: https://auth.exacttargetapis.com/v1/requestToken
  3. In the window that pops up, change Method to POST from GET.
  4. Paste in the following in the bottom left pane for the request payload:

    { "clientId": "gyjzvytv7ukqtfn3x2qdyfsn", "clientSecret": "************" }

  5. Substitue in clientID and ClientSecret from your registered app from App Center.

  6. Double check the Media-Type is application/json which should be the default.
  7. Click the execute button in the upper right.
  8. This will provide the token which can be copy/pasted in to other requests for authentication.

Details on this route at: https://code.exacttarget.com/apis-sdks/rest-api/v1/auth/requestToken.html

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