I am trying to call Standard Approval "Approve/Reject" page in Order Object related list through Custom outputLink in VF page.

Here in the URL i am trying to create:

<apex:outputLink value="+ 'URLENCODE{!("/p/process/ProcessInstanceWorkitemWizardStageManager?id='+{!o.ord.Id}+")}'+"> Aprovar/Rejeitar </apex:outputLink>

Please see the Value..

But its not working and not encoding the values properly..

Here is the Final Url that i am trying to create..


Where 04ie0000000NeFI is the id of order record..

Please help asap,thanks..

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Judging by the url you are trying to get, I think that this might work for you:

<apex:outputLink value="/p/process/ProcessInstanceWorkitemWizardStageManager?id={!o.ord.Id}"> Aprovar/Rejeitar </apex:outputLink>

I think I found the problem. I set up something similar in my org, and I got the following error message:

Unable to Access Page

The value of the "id" parameter contains a character that is not allowed or the value exceeds the maximum allowed length. Remove the character from the parameter value or reduce the value length and resubmit. If the error still persists, report it to our Customer Support team. Provide the URL of the page you were requesting as well as any other related information.

The problem is that the id needs to be a ProcessInstanceWorkitem id, rather than the id of the order associated with it.

  • Thanks for your Help, that was the exact issue and it worked.. Aug 28, 2015 at 7:08

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