I have a requirement to create a publicly accessible web service.

This is what I did

1) Set up a Site on my org called publicWebService


2) I create a class to handle a post http request


3) I grated access to this class in the sites profile

I set it up in my sandbox first and it works perfectly

Access as follows


When i moved my implementation into my production org. I did the same thing.

But i can’t access it like i did in my sandbox

https:// production.force.com/publicWebService/services/apexrest/logcall/v1?parm1=blabla&parm2=haha

Am I missing something or have to do something differently

Much appreciated

  • What eror you are getting?
    – Saroj Bera
    Aug 27, 2015 at 17:52

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If you open the site details page in your production org, in the "Custom URLs" section I think you will see a domain name that ends secure.force.com rather than force.com. Use that secure.force.com one for your production org.

(This difference has caused us problems when moving from a sandbox to production in the past.)


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