I am in discussions regarding a potential project using Salesforce. I am struggling to grasp how we can achieve the following in Salesforce, can anyone advise:

  • Print Barcodes from Salesforce onto "Cards" (ive seen "Barcode Zone" in the app exchange)

  • Read Barcodes from Cards and integrate into Salesforce (by opening up a Salesforce contact and possibly starting some workflow)

  • Introduce shop functionality (scanning items physically, barcodes, stock control etc, opening till drawer and using chip/pin devices)

  • Event Management/Room Bookings - displaying calendars etc graphicaly

I am just hoping Salesforce can complete the functionality, I am most concerned about the barcode scanning/printing and chip and pin devices just now.

  • Yes, it can be done. It's entirely a matter of creating the interface/controller for each device that reads the data to convert it to Salesforce data. Our DUG did a project with a local Non-profit that read a card scanner to identify volunteers then log them in and out to keep track of the time they volunteered. – crmprogdev Aug 26 '15 at 15:07
  • There are many apps/solution available for Salesforce. As already said in previous comment you have to decide based on your requirement. If you are using mobile devices here is a very good demo explaining this. youtube.com/watch?v=uORtGgGiFtU. – Saroj Bera Aug 26 '15 at 15:23

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