Can any one help me how to get report data into apex class as a list.



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SFDC provides programmatic access to reports via Analytics API & inbuilt classes in Reports namespace.

For more info check this link : https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.apexcode.meta/apexcode/apex_namespace_Reports.htm

Here is sample code for your reference:

// Get the report ID
List <Report> reportList = [SELECT Id,DeveloperName FROM Report where 
    DeveloperName = 'Closed_Sales_This_Quarter'];
String reportId = (String)reportList.get(0).get('Id');

// Run a report synchronously
Reports.reportResults results = Reports.ReportManager.runReport(reportId, true);

// Get the first down-grouping in the report
Reports.Dimension dim = results.getGroupingsDown();
Reports.GroupingValue groupingVal = dim.getGroupings()[0];
System.debug('Key: ' + groupingVal.getKey());
System.debug('Label: ' + groupingVal.getLabel());
System.debug('Value: ' + groupingVal.getValue());

// Construct a fact map key, using the grouping key value
String factMapKey = groupingVal.getKey() + '!T';

// Get the fact map from the report results
Reports.ReportFactWithDetails factDetails =

// Get the first summary amount from the fact map
Reports.SummaryValue sumVal = factDetails.getAggregates()[0];
System.debug('Summary Value: ' + sumVal.getLabel());

// Get the field value from the first data cell of the first row of the report
Reports.ReportDetailRow detailRow = factDetails.getRows()[0];

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