I know the question may sound counter-intuitive but I do have a specific use case. Rather then embed a VisualForce page on a Page Layout I have built a VisualForce page that uses the Page Layout and integrates my specific code within it. The following doesn't work and I understand why.

<apex:detail RelatedList="false" RelatedListHover="true" />
<... my specific VisualForce code ...>

So, I want to display the apex:detail block and then my bit and then the apex:relatedList block. I don't want to display the Related Lists in the detail section because they will be displayed after my specific code. But I do want the RelatedListHover stuff in the detail section. Is it just too much to ask? My question is 'Is there a way to achieve RelatedListHover with apex:detail in this scenario?'

Thanks, Greg.

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Basically the RelatedListHover part are local links to the related list. You can enter your own <div> and <a> tags to replicate Related Lists hovers with proper href. Hope this helps.

Below is sample code:

    <div style="visibility: visible;" class="listHoverLinks"><a data-uidsfdc="68" class="linklet" href="#00661000002Z84K_RelatedLineItemList_target" id="00661000002Z84K_RelatedLineItemList_link"><span class="listTitle">Products<span class="count">[0]</span></span></a></div>
  • Thanks. In the absence of a formal way of doing it this code will certainly help.
    – Greg Shaw
    Aug 24, 2015 at 23:24

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