How can i deserialize a json string into a list of wrapper in apex ? here is my code :

    public class PageLayoutErrorMsg{
      public String errorId{get;Set;}
      public String errorType{get;Set;}
      public String Message{get;Set;}       
    LIST<PageLayoutErrorMsg> pageErrors = new LIST<PageLayoutErrorMsg>();
    pageErrors = (LIST<PageLayoutErrorMsg>) JSON.deserialize(c.TECH_DisplayedErrorJSON__c,(LIST<PageLayoutErrorMsg>).class);    

I am obtaining the following syntax error : unexpected token list Have anyone came across this problem?


Try this:

pageErrors = (List<PageLayoutErrorMsg>) JSON.deserializeUntyped(c.TECH_DisplayedErrorJSON__c); 


pageErrors = (List<PageLayoutErrorMsg>) JSON.deserialize(c.TECH_DisplayedErrorJSON__c,List<PageLayoutErrorMsg>.class); 

Assuming that c.TECH_DisplayedErrorJSON__c has correct json.

  • For the list type,I should write : LIST<PageLayoutErrorMsg>.class and not (LIST<PageLayoutErrorMsg>).class – vanessen Aug 20 '15 at 10:34

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