I do have some salesforce code on a side to build a package and it's inside a git repo.

I would like to git clone that repo and deploy the package in a new dev instance in order to make some tests. I'm doing that with mavensmate.

I don't know how I can push to the org the ApexClass, Custom Objects and pages. I tried to "compile" the project but I got some errors, it looks like it requires to have the files on the server already, but this is what I'm tying to do.

I think I'm also facing some prerequisite stuff on Salesforce, should I create an "app" firsts ? I don't know.

I just clone some code, and I want to try that code on a new dev org with mavensmate, could you please advise ?

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I generally use Ant to deploy a new project cloned from git, but I'm fairly sure you can do it in MavensMate by either using "Deploy to Server" or possibly opening up all the downloaded classes/pages/objects and using "Compile all Tabs" (though that's quite a bit more tedious).

There is additional information here - synching cloned github repo to org with mavensmate

  • That's weird but the deploy to server doesn't seems to send ALL the objects and classes I have in my source folder. but I my package.xml I have <members>*</members><name>ApexClass</name>
    – franck
    Commented Aug 25, 2015 at 22:37
  • When using Deploy to Server in MM I'm fairly sure you have to manually select the components in the Metadata tab. Commented Aug 28, 2015 at 18:23

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