I'm looking for a way to use URL hacking to create a child record from a parent object's record, without leaving the parent object record's page.

I have the following URL for my custom detail page button, which has been created on the parent object.


Which works fine but obviously when this is clicked, I am taken to the edit page for the new record.

I have seen this post which suggests that this functionality's not possible but I've also seen this answer which seems to suggest that it might be.

When I try to adapt the solution from the answer on post 2, using an encoded URL (adding &save=1 to the end of the above url)


I'm just taken to the edit page of the child record and none of the fields are prepopulated.

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You can do this in a Flow pretty easily. I almost think the URL hack might be more confusing than a simple Flow triggered by the button.

Button Pressed --> Pass record ID into the Flow --> Create the child record with a Record Create --> Return to Parent Record w/ RetURL or VFP return on the Parent Record.

If you need to reference more fields, you can do some lookups or pass some in via the VFP or URL.

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    Thanks David, that's 'admin friendly' so it works for me. Your answer prompted me to consider the Process Builder & I realized that I could create the new record whenever the Time To Record field on the parent was populated / changed - but I was asking about a button in the question & that's what your solution would enable me to use.
    – Alex S
    Aug 16, 2015 at 6:55

believe in option 1 you miss the / before the record id in returl param


instead of url hack , I suggest you try to use publisher action or custom javascript button options ..

  • Thanks Vamsi, thought I'd ask the question to see whether this is possible with a URL hack, despite the other options - hacks are easier for an admin to adopt. I'll add the / to the return URL, to keep the Q&A focused on the main question.
    – Alex S
    Aug 15, 2015 at 20:50

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