I am trying to create a formula that concatenates the following fields:

mytext__c (text field) -- example: tt
mynumber__c (number field) -- example: 10
mypicklist__c (picklist field) -- example: no

I want to create a field "code__c" which is a formula and looks like this:


This is what I have right now:

mytext__c + mynumber__c + TEXT(mypicklist__c) 

For some reason I am getting an error for the picklist though. Tia.

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    please update error and formula field datatype/returntype... – Anitha J J Aug 14 '15 at 10:26

The symbol used for string concatenation is "&" rather than "+". You also need to use the TEXT() function on the number field to convert it into a string.

mytext__c & "-" & TEXT(mynumber__c) & "-" & TEXT(mypicklist__c) 

Below I show How can You create Formula For Formula Field

textField1__c & '-' & Text(NumberField__c) & '-' & Text(PicklistField__c)

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