In my org I have a public Site SSLazio (i.e., it is accessible from a guest not logged in Salesforce). The Visualforce page JohnPage is in the Site Visualforce Pages list of the SSLazio Site.

Is there a way to access to the JohnPage from outside Salesforce without a login (exactly as I do with the Site)?

  • Interesting, can you explain in more detail what your requirement is? – bigassforce Aug 13 '15 at 11:52

As i understand your requirement you need to add this page to Guest User profile and assign this page in site. Then you can access this page without Login.

Note: Make sure you also give access to all object to guest user profile which you are using in this page otherwise it will give you exception.

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I had already did what you posted. I have understood where the problem was: I tried to access to the page in a wrong way. I had to insert in the browser:


Anyway I think your answer could be useful to someone having that issue.

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