We have a microsite with a SmartCapture form for a new subscriber to select (via radio buttons) to receive one of 3 options. The choices are: list-optionA, list-optionB, both list-optionA/optionB.

A data extension and triggered Send have also been created for the on-submit "thank you" email.

Can anyone point me to the correct AMPScript syntax for adding a subscriber's email address to one or multiple subscriber lists.


Here's a quick example:


SET @Subscriber=CreateObject("Subscriber")
SetObjectProperty(@sub,"SubscriberKey", "[SubscriberKey here]")
SetObjectProperty(@Subscriber,"EmailAddress",[EmailAddress here])
Set @List = CreateObject("SubscriberList")
SetObjectProperty(@List,"ID","[List ID here]")
AddObjectArrayItem(@Subscriber,"Lists", @List)


If you're wanting to use the SSJS functions, see the List Server-Side JavaScript Functions.

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