I am trying to connect to the metadata Api via a python script. Essentially, I am authenticating into the SOAP Api, getting a session Id, then setting the session if in my Metadata client class. This works well for production orgs but when trying to connect to the metadata api for a sandbox, I keep getting an "invalid session id" error. Perhaps the URL is wrong? If so I cannot figure out how to set it.

Thanks in advanced!

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    Are you using test.salesforce.com Or login.salesforce.com url? – San Aug 12 '15 at 19:07
  • does the user is api enabled and has modify all data permissions in the sandbox? – Goki Aug 13 '15 at 2:06

To set uRL you can use below sample code

final LoginResult loginResult = loginToSalesforce(USERNAME, PASSWORD,

private static LoginResult loginToSalesforce( final String username, final String password, final String loginUrl) throws ConnectionException { final ConnectorConfig config = new ConnectorConfig(); config.setAuthEndpoint(loginUrl); config.setServiceEndpoint(loginUrl); config.setManualLogin(true); return (new EnterpriseConnection(config)).login(username, password); }

from the loginResult you can get the session id.

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