SFDC developer here. I have created a VF page which accepts Account id & displays some information on a VF page in tabular form.

I need to make multiple calls to this page with different account ids on a button click & download the tables in them as PDF/Text files in a zip. I was thinking about using JSZip to download all PDF/Text files as one zip.

I have got Blob value of this VF page in a variable using getContentAsPDF.

Basically i need to know how to use this Blob value for each account table and put it in separate files, download those files one Zip. Any ideas how to proceed?


So in the code below, we can see that we generating a list of Blob in the controller. On click of a VF page button i send the Blob list as a param to a JavaScript function. In that function i am trying to add each and every blob to the zip and download. But nothing is getting downloaded for me.

Apex Code:

CkIds = returnCommaSeparatedString(setOFCommKitID);
        pr = New PageReference('/apex/PDFPage?id=' + iICPRec +'&CKIds='+CkIds);
        pdf = pr.getContentAsPDF();

JavaScript Code:

   var IdString;
    var ArrayOfBlob = []; 
    function CallMe(TempVar, VarTemp){
        IdString = TempVar;
        ArrayOfBlob = VarTemp;
        var zip = new JSZip();
        for (var i=0; i < ArrayOfBlob.length; i++)
        var blobLink = document.getElementById('CustomLink');
        blobLink.download = "CommunicationKit.zip";
        blobLink.href = window.URL.createObjectURL(zip.generate());
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So i gave up on trying to convert the files into a PDF and download. Instead what i did was i downloaded the files as HTML. The following code did the trick for me.

function initZip{!randomInt}(TempVar){
        var obj = TempVar;
        var zip = new JSZip();

        for (var key in obj) 
            if (obj.hasOwnProperty(key)) 
                zip.file(key.toString()+".html", (obj[key]).toString());                    

            var content = zip.generate({type:"blob"});  
            saveAs(content, "CommunicationKit.zip");                

        IdString = TempVar;


Where TempVar is controller map of Account id & a string which consists of HTMLText that has the source of the HTML page. So, each record in the map has {account id ==> "HTML code here....."}. And then i download the files as HTML pages in the zip

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