wondering if anyone can help me with a query on opportunity that contains contact fields. i've tried a bunch of solutions but no luck yet.

Select count(Id), Account.Contact.SomeField from Opportunity group by Account.Contact.SomeField;


You will not be able to do it this way as there is no direct relationship between the Opportunity -> account -> and a single account.

You have two options:

  1. Add a Contact lookup on the opportunity then you could:

    Select count(Id), Contact__r.SomeField from Opportunity group by Contact__r.SomeField;
  2. Get a list of contacts with the Opportunity.AccountID and do something with them:

    Map<ID,Contact[]> accConMap = New Map<ID,Contact>();
    Set<ID> oppAccIDs = New Set<ID>();
    for(Opportunity o : SOMEOPPLIST){
    for(Contact c : [Select AccountID, ID From Contact Where AccountID IN :oppAccIDs]){
          accConMap.put(c.AccountID,New Contact[]{});
    //Do Something

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