I am trying to access camera from a android phone by vf page.. But is not working. It is asking me to select pic from gallery. It is working fine in iphone. Is there any work around..

<apex:page controller="CameraAccess2" standardStylesheets="false" showHeader="false" docType="html-5.0">
    <apex:form >
    Enter File Description
        <apex:inputText value="{!AttachmentName}" />
        <apex:inputFile value="{!attachmentObj.Body}"  accept="image/*;capture=camera" />
        <apex:commandButton  action="{!saveFile}" value="Save File" />

Apex class
public class CameraAccess{
    public Attachment attachmentObj {get;set;}
    public String AttachmentName {get;set;}
    public CameraAccess() {
    attachmentObj = new Attachment();

    public PageReference saveFile()
    attachmentObj.ParentId = '003J000000wGwBR';
    attachmentObj.Name = AttachmentName +'.jpg';
    insert attachmentObj;
    return new PageReference('/003J000000wGwBR');

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