Hi and thanks in advance.

My goal is through a trigger and based on a picklist value:

  1. Append mutliple datetime fields into a text area
  2. Clear out data in copied fields

For example

I have a picklist field that when the value is changed to "BOM Changed" I want to take the values from 3 date/time fields: a, b, c and append them into a TExt Area field. Then I want to clear out a,b,c

I tried doing this through a WFR but I cannot control the order of the field updates and the fields were getting cleared out before the copy.

Again, Thanks

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Please post you code so that the issue can be traced. What is WFR? ---Update: Not sure if you can do this using workflow. A combination of lightning process and Flow would work (OR) go for a simple apex trigger/class.


Thanks for the response Todd.

I was able to get this done via 2 workflow rules (wfr) instead of one. I Created a number field with a default value of 0. When the picklist field meets a certain value and the number field is 0, I run the first WFR to copy/append to a quote history field and then set the number field to 1. Very important that you check the box for 'Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change-evaluate'.


When the picklist value equals the same value as in the first WFR and the number fields = 1, I run the second WFR, which clears out the field and then changes the number field back to 0. Very important that you dont check the 'Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change'. You could get stuck in a loop.

So far all is working well.

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