I have created a custom field on a managed package object. I know I can retrieve the field or the object using the metadata API


I don't think I will be able to deploy the whole object that's for sure. So I was wondering if it's possible to deploy this custom field I created in a managed package via ant script ?


We regularly use Ant-based sf:deploy to pull and push individual non-namespaced fields on standard objects and custom objects including custom objects that are part of a managed package.

We also push in namespaced fields that are part of a managed package where, for example, picklist values need to be changed. But I assume any part of the field that is locked down in the managed package will not be changeable this way.

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  • Do you deploy what's in the "Referenced Packages" or you add manually the managed package object in the package.xml? – Cloud Ninja Aug 5 '15 at 9:58
  • @brovasi I've only ever manually added. Object and field name will both have the managed package namespace prefix when the field comes from a managed package. – Keith C Aug 5 '15 at 10:10

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