How does one delete a VF page from production? There is no delete button there. Is it possible to delete it from a sandbox and somehow migrate the deletion to production?


You should be able to delete Visualforce pages from production directly and there should be a link to delete as long as you have the appropriate permissions and it is not a managed package.....

Simply goto:

Setup -> Develop -> Pages

Find the page you want to delete and click the DEL link.

If it is not there, ensure you have the proper permissions (Customize Application) and it is not a component of a managed package.


There is a concept called destructive changes, where you would need to run a deployment where you include the files you want to delete.

Check here for further details

  • Unless something has changed a VF page can be deleted directly from production via the UI. This means the answer is unnecessarily complex
    – Eric
    Aug 4 '15 at 21:18

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