I have created a custom object called Billing Forecast with a master-detail relationship to the opportunity object. When an opportunity is closed won I need to ensure that the user enters at least one billing forecast.

A billing forecast consists of a currency field for each month of a year. Each year then becomes a billing forecast. I have tried a couple of different formulas but no luck.

  • Is each billing forcast an "annual" forecast ending in Dec or is it year to year from the Opp close-date? Can you give us an example of the formulas you've tried that haven't worked? Do you simply want a sum of the months? We don't know what your page layout looks like to have any idea of the fields or what your needs are.
    – crmprogdev
    Aug 4, 2015 at 19:06

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You can just create a rollup summary field on the opportunity object that is the count of Billing Forecast objects. Then you can use a validation rule that checks that the rollup summary field is greater than 0. Something like this

     TEXT(StageName) = "Closed Won",
     Rollup_Summary_Field__c < 1

Just need to make sure you put in your own field API Names

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