I'm trying to get all Data Categories from an Article Type through the varius describe calls I've found in the documentation such as https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.apexcode.meta/apexcode/apex_class_Schema_DescribeDataCategoryGroupStructureResult.htm

This is the code I'm using, running it through Anonymous Apex

List <DataCategoryGroupSobjectTypePair> pairs = 
      new List<DataCategoryGroupSobjectTypePair>();

DataCategoryGroupSobjectTypePair pair1 = 
      new DataCategoryGroupSobjectTypePair();


List<Schema.DescribeDataCategoryGroupStructureResult>results = 
      Schema.describeDataCategoryGroupStructures(pairs, true);
          for(Schema.DescribeDataCategoryGroupStructureResult r : results){
              System.debug(r.getName()); //'MyArticles'
              Schema.DataCategory[] topCategories = r.getTopCategories();
              for(Schema.DataCategory c : topCategories){
                  System.debug(c.getName()); //'All'
                  Schema.DataCategory[] subCats = c.getChildCategories();
                  System.debug(subCats); //empty, why?
                  for(Schema.DataCategory sc: subCats){
                      System.debug(sc.getName()); //Never reached

My Data Categories are structured with one 'All' Category at the top level, which I can find using getTopCategories(), but when I call getChildCategories()on the result, I get an empty list, despite the fact that I have 5 child categories set up under it. I made sure Data Category Visibility is on, but I still get no results. Is there any other reason I wouldn't be able to see these subcategories?


It's because the ",true)" in the method call for describeDataCategoryGroupStructures stands for "topCategoriesOnly"


Turn this to false, and you should be good to go 🤙


I think this should work

<knowledge:categoryList categoryVar="category" categoryGroup="{!CategoryName}" rootCategory="All" level="1">
         <a href="/apex/vf_SubCategoryTopics?ptype={!CategoryName}&sctype={!category.Name}"> <apex:outputText value="{!category.Label}" /> </a>
        <br />

        <br />
     <!--    <apex:outputText escape="false" value="{!LPAD(' ',6*category.depth,'&nbsp;')}" /> -->


You can make the level="-1" to get unlimited category. for level ="1" it will just give you the sub category. The tag works like loop and gets what you need! Worked for me while working for a knowledge base: Please mark my answer accepted if it works !

If you need any other help refer to this guide This links is all about the knowledge base development

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