After performing a Sandbox refresh this afternoon, I continued working on a Lightning app I am building. When I tried to preview the app from Developer Console in my Sandbox I received the following error:

"Lightning Domain Not Available DNS Entry for Lightning is not available yet. Cannot redirect to https://recruitment--TandemDev.lightning.force.com/c/EmployeeSelfService.app. Please try again later."

The refresh completed at 1:16PM EDT. It is now 5:08 PM EDT and the domain is still not available. It appears the instance location changed after the refresh so I don't know if that is part of the problem.

I wasn't sure if there are normally domain issues like this that will resolve themselves after some time or if I need to create a ticket with Salesforce support?

  • I've noticed that it can Salesforce some time to do a full refresh of all the goodies. I would wait until tomorrow morning and things should be caught backup. Commented Jul 29, 2015 at 21:26
  • looks like a known issue.. this might help you : success.salesforce.com/issues_view?id=a1p300000008YcLAAU Commented Jul 29, 2015 at 23:58
  • Vamsi, according to that issue, that bug reported there was fixed in a recent patch at the end of June. I didn't experience this issue while using Lightning App Builder and disabling Salesforce1 BETA didn't fix this issue. I have had it disabled all along. Commented Jul 30, 2015 at 0:06
  • then its worth raising a support case with SF and let them handle this. Commented Jul 30, 2015 at 4:26
  • As an update, I checked again today and the issue still exists. I think there may be a bug with Lightning Apps not being correctly associated to a new Sandbox instance. Commented Jul 30, 2015 at 19:25

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I talked to Salesforce about this issue. I showed them the issue over a screen share. They said it falls under developer support, which is for premium or premier customers only, and that they could not help me, but it does seem like a bug.

I was able to work around this by deleting the sandbox, and recreating it. I did change the name as well during this process, since I wanted to make sure the domain was different just in case. So this is not a great solution, but maybe the only option if you do not have developer support.

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