this is weird and I hope you guys can help me.

  • Sandbox - email is activated
  • using URL to get to this screen (via Conga Composer)
  • Pressing "send", empties the screen and changes URL.

Pictures and URL to make things more clear.

Page 1: URL: DOMAIN/email/author/emailauthor.jsp?doc_id=015g0000000cwRCAAY&p2_lkid=003g000000R2Eyq&p3_lkid=001g000000QPAE6&template_id=00Xg0000000MsBN

enter image description here

When I press "Send", it immediately refreshes to this page and URL, without sending email.


enter image description here

what gives?

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So, I figured it out. When I arrive to that page, my domain is:


But when it gets blanked out, it is:


When I use that URL, plus all my other parameters, it sends the email. Now I have to figure out how to give it the second domain instead.

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