I tried to open URL with mutual authentication for 8443 but I am getting client certificate error.I need to clarify why this happening, Can any one tell me what is the issue. PFA..

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You must follow these steps to upload a certificate otherwise you will be gettng error Client certificate error:No client certificate provided for port 8443.

  1. Click Upload Mutual Authentication Certificate.
  2. Give your certificate a label and name and click Choose File to locate the certificate.
  3. Click Save to finish the upload process.
  4. Enable the “Enforce SSL/TLS Mutual Authentication” user permission for an “API Only” user. This “API Only” user configures the API client to connect on port 8443 to present the signed client certificate.

Note that the client certificate must include any intermediate certificates in the certificate chain when contacting port 8443. A certificate chain is an hierarchical order of certificates where one certificate issues and signs another certificate lower in the hierarchy. Upload a certificate chain as a single PEM-encoded CA-signed certificate.

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